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Conversations about Optimizing Hospital Operations

Welcome to the TeleTracking Blog!

TeleTracking BlogWelcome to the TeleTracking Blog!

First, an introduction.

TeleTracking optimizes the physical operations of hospitals through real-time resource management to help them achieve the financial health needed for quality patient care and maximum access.

Although TeleTracking is a little late in coming to the blogosphere, we’re thrilled to introduce this blog as a discussion forum to tackle the operational challenges that confront healthcare, and to identify and share what hospital leaders are doing to solve them.

We encourage you to connect with us for wide-ranging perspectives from our industry. We’ll highlight clinical, analytics and process improvement experts about the business of healthcare. We’ll also share with you information, discussion, ponderings, thoughts, solutions, best practices, client stories and team introductions.  And we’ll look to you for suggestions, challenges, questions, and ideas.

We’re known for integrity, honesty, excellence and results – and we’ll do our best to ensure this blog reflects that heritage.

For your part – please see our Rules of Engagement as we look forward to energetic discussions, debate, and problem solving with the supermen and superwomen who work every day to keep America’s hospitals open, ready and accessible to deliver the life saving care that is sure to touch each of us in our lifetime.

Thanks for joining us!

The TeleTracking Blog Team

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