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Conversations about Optimizing Hospital Operations

Don’t Raid Medicare! Use Healthcare Automation to Cut Costs

Center for American ProgressAccording to the Associated Press, the Center For American Progress, a White House think tank, has recommended withdrawing an additional $385 billion from Medicare over the next 10 years to avoid cuts in Obamacare during the upcoming Congressional budget talks.

The Affordable Care Act already calls for a $716 billion transfer from Medicare to pay for the Act. If the think tank recommendation, which spares Medicaid and Obamacare from virtually any cuts, gets traction then a total of $1.1 trillion will be taken away from the Medicare system.

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Gratitude and Health: 6 Reasons TeleTracking Gives Thanks

TeleTracking Thanks You!Apparently, there’s nothing more uplifting for the human body and spirit than gratitude.

At least, according to Dr. Oz.

We at TeleTracking agree. In fact, gratitude is often a subject of discussion in company gatherings. And we have a lot to be thankful for:

1) We work for a company that makes a difference in people’s lives. That gives us a reason to take our jobs in healthcare automation and real-time capacity management very seriously, and a reason to keep striving to make our products better. We could be making “Twinkies.”

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Patient Flow Software Plays Critical Role in Aurora Mass Shootings

Patient Flow Software in Aurora, CO Mass ShootingHow the University of Colorado Hospital used patient flow automation to get the right treatment at the right time for the Aurora shooting victims.

Shortly after midnight, the first dispatch went out:

“Have a party shot here. I need rescue hot.”

Then another:

“Engine 8, we may have a second victim.”

Then a crescendo of calls:

“People who are shot are running out of the theaters.”

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Improving Patient Flow to Help More Sick Kids: Children’s of Atlanta

Children's Hospital of AtlantaNothing is more compelling to the human psyche than a sick child in need of care.
That’s what drives medical professionals into pediatric care. And that’s also what drove Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to improve patient flow and implement a TeleTracking TransferCenter™.

As the single largest pediatric care provider in the Nation, CHOA was being overwhelmed by demand from a huge service area and from around the World.

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What’s a Minute Worth at Your Hospital? TeleTracking Clients Explain the Value of Time

What is a minute worth at your hospital?“Waste Not”

That’s one way to reverse the accelerating upward spiral of healthcare costs, says the Institute of Medicine. Get rid of waste, said the IOM’s recent report on the state of U.S. healthcare, and save $762 billion a year.

The villain Waste in this case is comprised of the usual suspects– unnecessary tests and procedures, administrative redundancies, fraud, and their old sidekick, inefficiency.

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Categories: Author: Dennis Morabito, Real-Time Capacity Management