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Conversations about Optimizing Hospital Operations

Geisinger’s Dr. Jonathan Darer Discusses Future of Healthcare

Dr. Jonathan DarerDoes an organization’s culture get more deeply entrenched the more complex the organization becomes.

Maybe, but it still can be changed, based upon the work of Dr. Jonathan Darer, chief innovation officer at TeleTracking client Geisinger Health System.

Dr. Darer’s work involves closing the “care gaps” between what patients are getting and what they need. The work speaks for itself.

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Will Hospital Automation Be the Answer To Increased Demand From ACA?

Maureen Bisognana, CEOIn healthcare, you can have high quality, high demand, or high reimbursement, or any combination of two out of three.
But it’s awfully hard to have all three. Now consider the fact that reimbursements are going to go down under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and demand is going to go up in the form of 30 million newly insured, plus 70 million retiring “Baby Boomers.”

So what happens to quality?

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How About a “60 Minutes” Piece on Hospital Inefficiency?

60 Minutes in Healthcare“60 Minutes” recently reported that Health Management Associates (HMA) demands a 20 percent rate of admissions from some of the emergency departments in the 70-hospital system.

The clear implication was that doctors were under pressure to admit patients who did not require a hospital stay. Doctors interviewed for the piece said they were threatened with dismissal if they fell short of the quota.

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6 Simple Ways to Cut Hospital Acquired Infection Rate

Hospital Acquired InfectionsJoint Commission, College of Surgeons project cuts surgical site infections over 30 percent.

It’s clear that hospital workers who don’t wash their hands before interacting with patients can contribute to hospital acquired infections and poor patient outcomes. The Joint Commission and the American College of Surgeons know hand washing is so critical to curtailing infection they now recommend placing hand sanitizers right on the patient’s bed.

That’s one of the strategies to come out of a joint research project which reduced colorectal surgical-site infections (SSIs) by 32% and saved $3.7 million at seven large hospitals.

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Categories: Author: Dennis Morabito, Hand Hygiene, Hospital Infection Control

Before Rationing Healthcare, Let’s Ration Waste

NYT:  The Opinion PagesWaste, Fraud, Abuse, Death and Dying. Let’s Ration Healthcare Waste.

Contributing New York Times opinion writer Steven Rattner began a recent column titled Beyond Obamacare with a rather provocative statement.

“We NEED death panels,” he said.

In the same year that the New England Journal of Medicine cautioned against using the word “reform” because it is still inflammatory, Rattner was using the “D” word.

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Categories: Author: Dennis Morabito, Future of Healthcare