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Conversations about Optimizing Hospital Operations

TeleTracking Welcomes Nanne Finis, Former Joint Commission Executive

Nanne-FinisAll of us at TeleTracking Technologies are pleased to welcome former Joint Commission executive Nanne Finis, RN, MS, as our new vice president of consulting services.

(Here’s a link to the formal announcement, Former Joint Commission Executive to Lead TeleTracking Consulting Services.)

As company president Michael Gallup said, “Nanne joins us at a time when the regulatory environment in healthcare is in a major state of flux. The experience she brings with her will be invaluable to TeleTracking and its clients, along with clients yet to be.”

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Four Ways to Cut LWBS to Zero


Joanne Fuell RN, BSc, manager of patient placement and central transport at Lakeland Regional Medical Center, offers four keys to moving patients in and out of the Emergency Department as quickly as possible, thereby cutting Left Without Being Seen (LWBS) to zero.

Fuell detailed in Becker’s Hospital Review the recent changes which have made the Florida hospital’s ED more efficient. More specifically,

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Free Giveaway For National Healthcare Technology Management Week

hats-off-biomed-clinical-engineeringThis is “Healthcare Technology Management Week,” a time to recognize the people behind the scenes who keep our hospitals running.

These are the biomedical equipment technicians (BMETs), clinical engineers, and other healthcare technology professionals responsible for servicing, maintaining, and managing healthcare technologies for hospitals and other healthcare facilities, manufacturers, and third-party service organizations around the world.

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From RTLS to Real-Time Capacity Management: Location + Patient Flow

RTLS location just the beginning by Jon PoshywakIn RTLS: Location is just the beginning, published in the April 2013 issue of Healthcare Purchasing News, Jon Poshywak, managing director, RTLS Workflow Services, TeleTracking Technologies, says that “realizing the greatest return on an RTLS investment requires a more holistic view of asset management in the broader context of hospital operations and patient flow – sometimes referred to as Real-Time Capacity Management.”

As effective as RTLS is for locating hospital assets, its true benefit affects operational efficiency, by going beyond equipment assets to enterprise patient logistics management.

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RTLS Finds What’s Hiding Behind Your Hospital Curtains in Real-Time!

Hospital-Curtains-RTLSThe caller was almost frantic.

I need an IV pump …now,” she screamed.

Becky Brown, Director of Information Technology at Unity Point Health (Methodist, Peoria), was certain that there was a pump in the room where the nurse placed the call. After all, it said so on the TeleTracking floor plan screen Becky was looking at, and that system tracks items and people down to precise room level.

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Register for a free Super RN T-Shirt Celebrating Nurses Week 2013

super-rn-tshirtAre You a “Super Nurse?” We think you might be.

National Nurses Week (May 5 – 11) celebrates the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the very first “Super Nurse.”

TeleTracking once again is commemorating the celebration with another Free Super RN T-Shirt Give-Away! Won’t you take part?

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Is Your Hospital Ready for the Next ACA Emergency?

Ready-for-next-hospital-emergencyAlthough the U.S. Supreme Court last summer gave states the right to decide their own participation in Medicaid expansion, the significant incentives written into the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will probably mean that most hospitals across the nation will be dealing with lots of new patients in the next decade.

The question is how those hospitals will be able to accommodate the extra admissions.

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