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Conversations about Optimizing Hospital Operations

TeleTracking Receives HFMA Peer Reviewed Designation

Peer-Reviewed-by-HFMAWe are very honored to have recently received HFMA’s Peer Reviewed Designation for our Capacity Management Suite™ system.

TeleTracking Technologies’ Capacity Management Suite™ system is an end-to-end healthcare operational management solution that optimizes workflows and processes to improve patient flow and help you make better use of existing hospital capacity.

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‘Human Factor’ Critical in Any Successful Hospital Efficiency Program

Taylorism-patient-flow-hospital-efficiencyOne of the first “efficiency” experts was Frederick Winslow Taylor, the father of Scientific Management, otherwise known as “Taylorism.” It was one of the earliest attempts to apply science to process design.

Its peak influence came in the early 1900s, and many of its seminal concepts are still in play today. These include analysis and synthesis of workflow, improvement measurement, standardization of best practices and the elimination of waste.

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Are you getting the most out of your TeleTracking Software?

TeleTracking-Avanti-Consulting-Services-Logo (250x69)Technology works best when the human factor is taken into account. That holds especially true for hospital patient flow software. Many hospitals think they should fix the process before they add the technology. Instead, to optimize patient flow and sustain improvement, hospitals must implement process change and technology simultaneously.

This is where TeleTracking’s Avanti® Consulting Services can offer hospitals a distinct advantage via a customized program designed to maximize the return on your healthcare automation software investment.

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Hospitals Taking Cues from Disney for Hospital Patient Satisfaction

Hospitals-Disney-Customer-Satisfaction-Cues (250x161)With the Affordable Care Act tying Medicare reimbursement to hospital patient satisfaction, hospitals have been turning to customer service leaders like the Disney Company for advice on how to please their patients.

According to an article in the New York Times titled, ‘In Customer Service Consulting Disney’s Small World Is Growing‘, the company has even started its own consulting arm, called the Disney Institute, to assist businesses in improving customer satisfaction.  The article notes that Florida Hospital, a 22-campus chain, now employs “a ukulele-playing greeter dressed in safari gear” and exhibits “calming video art” in various locations.

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Hospital Census an Illusion? Avoid Capacity Challenges with Real-Time Capacity Management

hospital-census-illusionSeveral recent studies have confirmed what hospital administrators already know: almost three fourths of American hospitals experience capacity challenges (excessive wait times, diversions, ED patients leaving without treatment, transfer declines) – even when they aren’t actually full.

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Growth Versus Cost: Two Horns of the Healthcare Dilemma

two-horns-of-healthcare-dilemmaHealthcare alone represented 10 percent of all new jobs created last month. In the current economy, one would think that’s a good thing.  However, writing in the New York Times Healthcare blog this month, author Lisa Suennen identified that fact as one horn of a big healthcare dilemma.

She observed that while the constant creation of new healthcare jobs is vital to our economic recovery, spiraling healthcare costs are cited as a key factor in the potential collapse of our economy.

“In his NEJM article,” she writes, “Bob Kocher cites a McKinsey Global Institute study that says that for the United States to return to full employment, as many as 22.5 million jobs would need to be created, with 5.2 million, or 23%, in the health care sector.”

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When “Uneventful” Means Fantastic in Healthcare!

uneventful-in-healthcare-at-comanche-county-hospitalTeleTracking frequently gives prospective healthcare clients the names of contacts at “reference sites” — existing client hospital facilities willing to share their TeleTracking experience.

Thus, the implementation team at Comanche County (Oklahoma) Memorial Hospital was merely performing its due diligence when it received positive feedback from two of TeleTracking’s reference sites about TeleTracking.

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