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Conversations about Optimizing Hospital Operations

TeleTracking is Grateful…

I-am-grateful-for-sentence (350x263)Today’s post is simple – it expresses the soul and the gratitude of TeleTracking from each and every one of us who have the opportunity to work here.

We know that TeleTracking is a business, an enterprise, a company, and as such, we provide goods and services to clients.

We know we must be vigilant in our own quest to stay commercially relevant and profitable.

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Categories: About Us

Mobile App Looks to Improve Hospital Transport Operational Efficiency

mobile-app-improves-hospital-transport-operational-efficiencyEarly reports from the field indicate that TeleTracking’s mobile XT App – which can be used on an Apple® iPhone® or iPod® device – is a potential game changer when it comes to operational efficiency for hospital transport departments!

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Categories: Author: Tom Perry, Real-Time Capacity Management

Healthcare Automation that Eliminates Wasted Time, Not People

healthcare-automation-eliminates-wasted-timeSince the Industrial Revolution, automation has been viewed as the enemy of the employee.  The word “automation” itself can conjure images of robots so smart they will eventually replace humans.

Certainly, there are instances in healthcare of robots delivering hot meals and medications, and robot pharmacies preparing those meds.  But not all automation replaces workers. Some types simply make them more efficient.

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Categories: Future of Healthcare

TeleTracking Focuses on Transformation! Evolution! Revolution!

TeleTracking-client-conference-2013Transformation! Evolution! Revolution!

TeleTracking hosted a capacity crowd of healthcare leaders from across the country and the globe at the 11th Annual Client Conference last month in San Diego, CA.

Transformation | Evolution | Revolution formed the theme – representing the past, present and future of healthcare operational management from the perspective of the company that invented the category.

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Categories: Author: Dennis Morabito, Future of Healthcare

TeleTracking Salutes Hospital Transporters for Patient Transport Week

TeleTracking-Salutes-Hospital-Transporters (300x263)During this annual Patient Transport Week, TeleTracking honors the people who actually make the wheels go round in our nation’s hospitals.

These are the transporters who quietly go about their task of getting the right patient to the right place at the right time.

It’s a job that requires more than a sense of direction and a good pair of shoes.

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Categories: About Us, Author: Dennis Morabito