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TeleTracking is Grateful…

I-am-grateful-for-sentence (350x263)Today’s post is simple – it expresses the soul and the gratitude of TeleTracking from each and every one of us who have the opportunity to work here.

We know that TeleTracking is a business, an enterprise, a company, and as such, we provide goods and services to clients.

We know we must be vigilant in our own quest to stay commercially relevant and profitable.

We also know that the healthcare clients we serve face the same challenge, but with the extraordinary obligation to maintain their mission of healing.

At some point in our lives, each and every one of us is, or will be, touched by our healthcare system in some way. At TeleTracking, it is our mission to support that healthcare automation system and to contribute to each of our client partners in their quest to provide efficient, effective and compassionate care.

We are blessed to have the privilege of serving our healthcare system in this way  – helping our client partners maintain their noble mission of healing – and for that, we are eternally grateful.

Take a closer look at our vision and purpose through this short video portrait of the soul of TeleTracking (and turn your speakers up).

Happy Thanksgiving!

Valerie Fritz

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