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Conversations about Optimizing Hospital Operations

Is Centralized Patient Logistics Right for Your Hospital?

Centralized-Patient-Placement-Logistics (350x233)Centralizing your hospital’s Patient Placement is a big decision, but it’s probably a smart thing to do if your facility is constantly challenged by an avalanche of phone calls, room cleaning delays, long waits for transport, and overcrowding.

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Categories: Author: Dennis Morabito, Overcrowding, Patient Flow

Automated Transfers Make ‘More Room at the Inn’ to Save More Lives

VIn healthcare, it’s always gratifying to know that what you do makes a difference in other people’s lives especially when that means saving lives.

That goes for those of us who produce things that automate transfers and other patient processes to make more room available in a hospital.

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Categories: Author: Dennis Morabito, Transfer / Referral Center

How Can Healthcare Be a Good Investment?

healthcare-good-investment (350x233)With so much uncertainty in the healthcare sector these days, it’s hard to imagine anyone suggesting this sector might be a good investment.

But in the October 3 issue of Forbes Magazine, author Kristina Zucchi did just that, albeit with certain provisos, in an article titled Investing in Healthcare Facilities.

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Categories: Author: Dennis Morabito, Future of Healthcare