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Conversations about Optimizing Hospital Operations

Are U.S. Hospital Operations in Need of an Operation?

TeleTracking_The Commonwealth Fund
TeleTracking_The Commonwealth Fund

Over the years we’ve all come across studies documenting just how inefficient U.S. Healthcare has become.  Studies by organizations such as the Institute of Medicine, Price WaterhouseCoopers, and The Institute for Healthcare Improvement provide commentary on the hundreds of billions of dollars misspent in healthcare.  And, despite spending the most, studies show that the U.S. is still only middle of the road in terms of the timeliness, coordination, safety and effectiveness of patient care.

Sort of makes my head hurt!  We spend almost 1.5x to 2x per capita more than the next highest nations, and yet our outcomes from a quality and access perspective are mediocre at best.  Might be because at the root of this is a fundamental operational disconnect?  Might it be because at the end of the day the operational hand-offs throughout a patient’s journey are poorly forecasted and managed?  Or, is it because of visibility, coordination of resources and/or capacity constraints?

At HIMSS15 (booth #7143), we will demonstrate what we believe are answers to many of these challenges – a health system command center powered by an operational platform that brings together community access, capacity management, workflow automation, clinical operations, and enterprise visibility.  It marries existing clinical data with what’s actually happening inside the health system.  And, as a result…

  • enables better inbound referral management and patient placement;
  • automates triggers that drive patient movement throughout the journey;
  • provides visibility to current and future capacity; and
  • drives a safer and better experience while consuming fewer resources.
TeleTracking_Client Outcomes
TeleTracking_Client Outcomes







The above are real outcomes achieved by real health systems; all sharing a common vision enabled by an operational platform.  And all are improving their financial stability by making better use of the one resource most health reform experts overlook — time.

Don’t believe us?  Listen to what our clients have to say!

We hope that you’ll stop by TeleTracking booth #7143 at the upcoming HIMSS15 conference to learn more!

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