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Conversations about Optimizing Hospital Operations

Ambulatory Care – The New Frontier of Quality & Safety

TeleTracking_OutpatientTeleTracking’s three-part Joint Commission webinar series, presented by Ann Scott Blouin, the Commission’s executive vice president, customer relations, wrapped up with the topic, “An Emerging Arena for Quality & Safety Issues: The Growth of Ambulatory Care”, featuring information from The Joint Commission’s perspective and experience, along with ambulatory industry knowledge.

Download the webinar recording and slide deck.

Geographically diverse. Different reporting structures. The topic of ambulatory care, and the quality and safety implications, is particularly relevant as more and more work is done outside the four walls of a traditional hospital. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that the number of visits to physician offices, hospital outpatient facilities and emergency departments totals 1.2 billion1. Today, the Ambulatory Health Care program at The Joint Commission accredits over 2,1002 organizations in a variety of settings.

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One Team…Unlimited Success

TeleTracking_Client SuccessWhen the right people, processes and technologies come together, we know that’s a combination for delivering great results.  The question then is how do we harness that positive energy to overcome the challenges that stand in the way of operational excellence, system-wide optimization and return on investment?

It’s pretty simple—success is not a check box on a task list—it’s more of a continuous improvement process.  And, in order to have success along that road of improvement, it’s essential to have a strong team. Fortunately, TeleTracking has that part covered with its Client Success Management (CSM) team.

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The Value of Time

Eliminating healthcare wasteTime – no one ever seems to have enough of it.  And nowhere is that more true than in healthcare, where the pace is hectic, the atmosphere is chaotic and wasted time has implications.  Implications that range from emergency department overcrowding and anxious patients waiting in hallways for beds, operating rooms  not being maximized, patients being turned away because there’s no capacity, etc.

Yet with healthcare, unlike in other industries, time has never been part of the waste discussion.  In healthcare, waste is excessive administrative costs, unnecessary services, inefficient care delivery, inflated prices, fraud and  prevention failures.

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