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Conversations about Optimizing Hospital Operations

Carilion Clinic Recognized for Taking Command

Carilion Clinic Transfer & Communications Center
Carilion Clinic Transfer & Communications Center

Earlier this month, hospital executives from around the country gathered in Boston to discuss how Operational Command Centers are improving access— and generating revenue— by streamlining patient care delivery.  Melanie Morris, senior director, Carilion Clinic Transfer & Communications Center (CTaC) was one of the speakers, sharing her transfer center development and implementation journey.  Melanie’s work was also recently featured in a peer-reviewed article in Nursing Administration Quarterly.

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Operational Command Centers Yield Positive Results at Carilion & Rush

HCI Exchange“Patient Access” – two simple words that convey the obstacles that can affect a patients ability to get the right care, at the right time, with the right resources.  While patient access is not as familiar a phrase as population health management, health system CEO’s and executive teams around the country are saying that improving access is critical to efficient health care operations according to a piece by the Advisory Board Company in March 2014.

To bring attention to the topic of improving patient access and overall throughput, Healthcare Informatics and TeleTracking partnered to present an Executive Exchange at the Nine Zero hotel today in Boston.

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It’s All About ‘Flow’ According to Chuck Webster

It's all about 'FLOW' at #TeleCon15!
It’s all about ‘FLOW’ at #TeleCon15!

From Bed Management to Workflow Management
By: Chuck Webster, November 4, 2015

What kind of conference do I enjoy most? Apparently, a TeleTracking 2015 Client Conference, which I attended last week in Nevada.  As a premed-accounting major (only one I’ve ever heard of), TeleTracking was full of customer success stories about reduced costs and increased revenues.  With an MS in Industrial Engineering, TeleTracking was full of IE concepts (cycle time, throughput, capacity management, and utilization rates).  Plus an MS in Intelligent Systems (medical informatics), TeleTracking was full of health IT, interoperability, and care transition technology.

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