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Conversations about Optimizing Hospital Operations

Improving Hospital Efficiency through Data Driven Analytics

Teaching Efficiency to Tomorrow's Health ProfessionalsHow do you run an efficient, safe and sustainable hospital?  To start, you must understand how to turn real-time data into information for planning, analysis and performance management.

In healthcare, operational data is continually collected as hospitals attempt to manage information on bed availability, occupancy, cancelled operations, bed turnaround times, and patient-to-caregiver interactions.

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Access to Care – a Cornerstone of Healthcare

Bringing Healthcare into Focus
Bringing Healthcare into Focus – by Tim Chapman

Access to timely care – and the right level of care – is a cornerstone of healthcare.  Not only is a patients access to care critical – sometimes life or death, but the quality of care received throughout the patients length of stay is just as important.  And patient care ties directly to satisfaction scores which is something all hospitals / health systems monitor.  Add to those challenges – manual vs. automated processes, a change in payer mix, consolidations & labor shortages – which is why having a strategic plan in place becomes more important than ever.

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25 Years, 100 Transfer Centers, 4 Lessons

Joy Avery, RN, MSN, VP, Clinical Strategy, TeleTracking
Joy Avery, RN, MSN,             VP, Clinical Strategy

I started my nursing career in 1986 and have had the opportunity to deliver patient care in various roles over the years—from Director of Specialized Clinical Services responsible transfer centers, patient flow activities, bariatric services and nursing leadership programs, to Chief Flight Nurse and Trauma Program Manager.  In my role here at TeleTracking as the Vice President, Clinical Strategy, I now have the opportunity to use my clinical expertise to help our clients achieve positive outcomes.  While I’ve held different positions throughout my career, what has remained consistent is my focus on making sure patients get the right care, in the right place, at the right time.  And that’s where having a robust transfer / referral center comes into play.  By centralizing operations across an enterprise,  admission requests from other hospitals and local physicians can be coordinated—often times through a single phone call or web request.

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