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Just Released: Patient Flow Quarterly issue 4

Patient Flow Quarterly Issue 4

Success is something we believe should be celebrated with others. For example, a 35% decrease in emergency department throughput times; patient discharge times dropping to four hours from their original eight; on-time starts improving from 50 to 75%; and bed request to occupy time more than cut in half from 13.7 to 5.8 hours.

These numbers are achievable, and they are patient flow achievements that your colleagues at nearby hospitals and health systems are driving.

Just as we believe a culture of internal teamwork is essential for an organization to implement a successful patient flow strategy, we also believe in the true spirit of collaboration and celebration because we can all learn from each other.

Every year, 136 million patients visit emergency rooms, and 500,000 ambulances are turned away from the intended hospital. Even after being admitted, 2.2 million patients board in the ED for more than six hours waiting for a bed.

We can change these statistics because we have seen what you, our clients, have accomplished and continue to accomplish.

In this issue of TeleTracking’s Patient Flow Quarterly, Celebrating Collaboration, we celebrate you and your success stories. It is because of your commitment to quality patient care that continues to drive us and value the small part that we are privileged to play. We learn from you, and we believe you can learn from each other.

In this issue we feature:

  • The University of Alabama Medicine – read how they developed a strategic plan to tackle the capacity challenges they were facing. This plan was driven by three core best practices, which brought about a unified approach that resulted in measured success.
  • St. Joseph Hospital – read how the partnership between nursing and IT made great strides in improving patient access and patient flow by improving patient discharge times, left without being seen, patient satisfaction, etc.
  • Jackson Health System – read about the impressive results achieved in less than 12 months, such as – reduction in length of stay, increase in overall admissions because they are now considered a facility of choice, reduction in dead bed time, etc.
  • The University of New Mexico Health System – read about how culture change and the involvement of physicians and senior leadership led to improved patient flow and care in one of the lowest commercially insured states.
  • Cape Fear Valley Health System – read about the immediate impact following the go-live of TeleTracking’s TransferCenter solution – for example, the acceptance of 109 patient transfers in the first full week, 589 accepted patients in the first days 30 days…and the one year mark results are even more impressive.

And much, much more!

As always, we hope that you find the information in these pages motivating and helpful. We look forward to sharing your success stories in future issues, and we’d love to hear your ideas for future features.

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