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Top 5 Reasons to Attend TeleCon17

Looking for a reason to attend TeleCon17?

Katie Romano, TeleTracking’s new Head of Customer Experience,  shares her thoughts on what customers can expect at the one and only patient flow conference of the year – TeleCon17.  And if you missed her recent podcast, be sure to listen by clicking here.

TeleCon17 | 1 | Patient FlowAccess to our experts.

We’re dedicating time for you to be with the best of the best in our advanced workshops. They’ll be available to advise on how you, personally, can move forward on your patient flow journey. This is hands-on time – you’re encouraged to come with your data, challenges & objectives, and we’ll help you create an action plan. Who are these experts, you ask?  Take a look at TeleTracking’s Experts in the Field!

TeleCon17 | 2 | Patient FlowThe only Patient Flow Innovation Lab
(that we know of).

Where do you go to learn what’s coming next in patient flow and provide feedback that will actually get used? TeleCon17 of course! In the lab, we’ll host hands-on research activities for some things we’re working on. We’ll also share updates from some of our innovation projects with clients like patient placement for post-acute facilities and medical transport.

TeleCon17 | 3 | Patient FlowWe built you a Command Center.

You should really see it. We’ve modeled an operational Command Center, according to our best practices so you can see how everything works together. Follow a patient through the system end-to-end or test a variety of different real-world scenarios to see what you could be missing. Our clinical transformation experts will be by your side to discuss best practices—including streamlined workflows and how to use data to drive sustainable outcomes.  [#nopatientwaits]

TeleCon17 | 4 | Patient FlowLess PowerPoint.

We promise. We’ve shifted our breakout sessions to an interactive, roundtable-format. We will have a client share a success story to get you started, with a focus on culture change, best practices, the use of data and outcomes, and arm you with subject matter expertise.

TeleCon17 | 5 | Patient FlowGroup Chat.

TeleCon17 isn’t just about access to the Tele team. We love seeing you spend time with other leaders in patient flow. This year, we’ll make sure you have plenty of structured and unstructured time to network. And if ‘structured networking’ sounds like a drag, picture this: a giant open room with lots of tables and available topics to choose from, live chat data being shared on the big screen and maybe even a hype man. Sound ridiculous? I guess you’ll just have to come see for yourself!

Oh! I almost forgot!

Members of our Tech Support and Solution Center teams will be there to help with, well… just about anything.

Mic drop.

Spot the Difference - TeleCon17

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