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Patient Flow Weekly Top Three | Issue 20

Patient Flow Weekly | Industry Insights from TeleTracking
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New Technology Improving Patient Flow at Countess of Chester Hospital

Hospital is the first in the country to issue patients with electronic wristbands that track their movements through ‘big brother’ style technology

In an NHS trial, the Countess of Chester Hospital, in Cheshire, has more than 4,000 infrared sensors above beds and doorways that read data chips on patients’ and staff’s wristbands to record where they are.
Findings reveal the time from a patient being discharged from the Cheshire hospital to their bed being ready for a new patient is less than two-and-a-half hours, down from approximately four hours as staff can automatically see when their bed becomes available.


In an emergency or disaster, how important is your phone?

With the current smart devices most of us carry there is rarely a task we can’t do on our phone that used to be reserved for our laptops. Agreed, I would rather write on my computer, but for essential tasks in times of power outages such as staying connected and informed, hard to beat your phone.

What if I told you there is an emergency power source that can keep your phone charged, but also charge any USB powered device, and provide emergency lighting? In fact the HANS PowerPack 300 device that I tested (provided by the vendor) is designed to let you charge your phone, and give 5 hours of emergency lighting a day, for a month. I don’t know about you but I have never had my power go out for more than a week (these devices would have been perfect in Puerto Rico for the past 2-3 months), so the capacity is really amazing.


Nominate a Nurse for Patient Flow Excellence

This award for Nurses and Nurse-Led Teams recognizes extraordinary practice by nurses who engage in the transitioning process of patients and their families as they access and migrate through the healthcare system.

Extraordinary compassionate care is at the heart of this award. Individuals and Teams must demonstrate compassionate, empathetic practices in the delivery of care, considering the needs of patients, their families, and colleagues.  Nominations should be detailed exemplars of an extraordinary compassionate patient experience.

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