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Conversations about Optimizing Hospital Operations

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Achieving Patient Flow Outcomes through Collaboration

Patient Flow Quarterly
Patient Flow Quarterly issue 3

Collaboration is creating something by working jointly with others –  which is critical when it comes to addressing inefficiencies in healthcare and achieving patient flow outcomes.  For example, we know that one in three dollars spent on healthcare in the U.S. is wasted—medical errors alone add up to more than $17 billion, preventable re-admissions and hospital acquired infections another $28 billion, and operational inefficiencies add tens of billions more (source: Price Waterhouse Coopers).  In addition, a recent Bloomberg study ranked the United States 44th out of 51 in healthcare efficiency.  Basically we outspend every nation by a wide margin as a percentage of GDP, yet when it comes to results, our outcomes remain firmly in the middle of the pack.

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In search of ‘Access’

Patient Access-Global-SearchPatient Access: the single greatest imperative for healthcare.

Last month, I took part in a summit that attracted some of healthcare’s brightest executive leaders.  At one point I had the good fortune of joining in on a roundtable discussion about patient access.  While the direction of the conversation changed many times, a theme began to arise in my mind. The insight, both simple and yet profound, was that just about every leader at the table defined patient access from a very different lens and a very different world view.  While we all believed patient access is a critical priority, how to define it and ultimately measure it remained a point of inconsistency.

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Booth #7410 – the place to be at HIMSS16

HIMSS Booth #7410Booth #7410 was the place to be at HIMSS16 yesterday!  More than 40,000 people are walking the floors of the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas this week, and it’s TeleTracking’s biggest and best opportunity to share how our solutions are making an impact.

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TeleTracking’s 25th Year

TeleTracking Patient Flow QuarterlyThe beginning of each year is the perfect time to reflect and look to the future with energy, passion and optimism.  This is particularly true as 2016 marks TeleTracking’s 25th year of helping hospitals and health systems deliver more timely and purposeful care.  When we started this journey in 1991, the internet was in its infancy and hotels were doing a better job of getting rooms cleaned and ready for the next guest than hospitals.

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As We Celebrate this Season

Happy HolidaysThis is the time of year where we take a step back and reflect on what’s positive in our lives, the accomplishments of the year and the unlimited potential of the year ahead.  As we celebrate this festive season, I want to express how grateful I am, along with all of the employees at TeleTracking, for your continued support and partnership.

I spoke with many of you at our client conference and was in awe of the many stories. You are caregivers, you are healers, you are innovators—you change peoples’ lives with your dedication. It is our honor to provide you with the solutions that make it possible to run your health systems more efficiently—and consequently spend more time delivering compassionate care to patients. » Continue reading

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Operational Inefficiency Can Be Fixed

Carilion Clinic Transfer & Communications Center
Carilion Clinic Transfer & Communications Center

Every day thousands of very sick Americans are turned away from the care they need – despite the fact that thousands of hospital beds lay empty.  It is called “dead bed” syndrome and it occurs when hospitals that do not track bed availability in real time think they are out of room – when the situation is quite the contrary.

There is no way of knowing just how many bed-hours are wasted each day across the country.  We do, however, know that this particular issue is the tip of a much bigger iceberg of waste, which contributes mightily to the dizzying upward spiral of healthcare costs. » Continue reading

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TeleTracking Client Conference Offers a Variety of Patient Flow Sessions

Clients in Session at #TeleCon15
Clients in Session at #TeleCon15

Day three of #TeleCon15 kicked off with a number of breakout sessions for the hundreds of attendees to chose from including:

Enhancing Mission Control – Aligning Support Services to Improve Patient Throughput, presented by the team at Carilion Clinic

The Automation of Tasks in the ED, presented by Southeastern Regional Medical Center

Managing Capacity with Care Progression Indicators, Dashboards & IHI Capacity Meetings, presented by the team at the University of Colorado Health » Continue reading

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13th Annual TeleTracking Client Conference Kicks off in Lake Las Vegas

TeleConf15_17With a record breaking number of clients in attendance, the 13th Annual TeleTracking Client Conference  – #TeleCon15 – opened on Monday, October 26th at the picturesque Westin Lake Las Vegas, Henderson, NV.

Michael Gallup, TeleTracking’s President, kicked off the morning’s general session recognizing the great work of the clients in attendance, and reiterated TeleTracking’s commitment to execute upon its expansive vision of getting patients to the right level of care the first time.

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When & How Hospital Beds are Being Used

Empty Hospital BedIt’s estimated that half of all US hospitals don’t know when or how their hospital beds are being used.  And, at a time when hospitals are being asked to do more with less, valuable inventory, such as patient beds, are often being wasted due to lack of visibility.  This lack of visibility often leads to perceived capacity constraints and can directly impact patient access.  As a result, hospitals may opt to construct new patient towers or wings – costing upwards of $1 million per bed.

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From Patient Flow to Real-Time Operational Management

TeleTracking_Patient FlowWhen TeleTracking was founded in 1991, patient flow automation wasn’t a concept.

The notion that patient movement had a rhythm and pattern had not occurred, automation was something done in factories, and overcrowding was a problem for urban emergency rooms on a Friday night.

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