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Conversations about Optimizing Hospital Operations

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National Nurses Week 2018: Nursing. Nurses. Nurse.

Scott NewtonAs we celebrate National Nurses Week, let’s remember that nursing is a profession that existed since the dawn of time. Travelers during ancient times were cared for along known trade and travel routes. Locations were marked and visible to those in need. During Biblical times, nursing was part of the expression of faith – demonstrated by offering care and compassion to the afflicted. The Roman Empire saw an enhanced professionalism of nursing through both the systematic organization of work and the establishment of environments of care. Nursing is synonymous with a rich history of addressing pain, suffering and illness.

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Are you a patient flow Renegade Samaritan?

Over the past half-century, the United States has experienced exponential growth in population, and life expectancy has risen.  Many diseases that were once fatal, are now chronic conditions.  Breakthroughs in science have led to vaccines and antibiotics reducing the communicable disease burden.  Engineering has improved transportation and workplace safety, eliminating many preventable deaths.  These improvements are all good news.  Along with our success, however, comes the challenge of caring for an aging population.  The challenge is acutely known to those who lead patient access, capacity management and patient flow across our healthcare systems.  Addressing these challenges depends on essential knowledge.  Our recent research is summarized into Seven Patient Flow Insights:

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Tips from the Experts: Process over Chaos with Flu Season in Full Swing

Flu Season 2018 - Process over Chaos

The holiday season is over and flu season is in full swing.  Experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say things may get worse before they get better due to an imperfect vaccine and exceptionally cold weather.  And this means that hospitals from California to Maine are dealing with surging EDs—leading to challenges with everything from long wait times to overnight holds to inpatient admission delays.

In fact, some health systems are seeing a 16% increase in ED visits and almost a 40% increase in acuity [according to Brittany Lindsey, Director of Patient Flow, UAB Hospital, Birmingham, AL].  “We have setup our PACUs as additional ICUs, we are looking at staffing our EP cardiology unit as a flu unit, we are using our Post Recovery for our Heart and Vascular Center as a 23 hour bedded outpatient location, and certain floors of our women’s hospital have been converted to regular acute care for all genders,” according to Lindsey.

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Successful Collaboration Under Pressure: What Healthcare Can Learn from Emergency Management

Hurricane’s Harvey, Irma and Maria; a 7.1 earthquake in Mexico City; and wildfires from Montana to Southern California – September 2017 has been marked by this series natural disasters, but also by amazing stories of survival, heroic acts, and resilience.  Readiness and preparedness activities were tested. Disaster plans were stretched beyond imagination. And human spirits were pushed farther than ever thought possible.

The lessons learned from these types of situations translate to healthcare.

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What Volunteering for a Marathon Taught Me about Patient Flow

Last Sunday, thousands of runners took to the streets of Pittsburgh for the annual marathon.  I volunteered to provide medical support and was assigned to the Finish Line Medical Tent.  This was a large event, with a stream of people coming through with issues of varying severity.  On my way home, I thought about how the lessons learned at the medical tent applied to patient flow.

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