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Conversations about Optimizing Hospital Operations

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It Takes Three – People, Process and Technology

My journey with TeleTracking actually started a few years ago when I was a client. I was at  my first TeleTracking client conference, and I vividly remember sitting in amazement as I listened to a series of  success stories from hospitals across the country talking about the ways they were empowered to improve access to medical care, to the people who needed it most, with the guidance of TeleTracking.  As a clinician, I was intrigued to learn about the solutions available to become more efficient and give precious time back to caregivers. » Continue reading

Categories: Client Success Management, Patient Access

Get More Out Of Your Capacity Management Automation System

Get More Out Of Your Capacity Mangement Automation SystemWhat if your brand new, super smart tablet computer came with no instructions?

It might take you months, if not years, to unlock a portion of what that tablet can do.

TeleTracking’s capacity management solutions not only come with instructions, but with training as well.  However, unlocking the potential sometimes requires more than that.

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Categories: Author: Tammy Moore, Client Success Management