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Conversations about Optimizing Hospital Operations

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Hospitals Aren’t Hotels ― Finding Balance with Staggered Discharge Times

Discharge Times and Capacity

How many times have we seen patient flow projects that center around “out by 11am” or “home by noon”?  It’s often suggested, “Can’t we put a sign in the room that says discharge is 11am?”  It’s true, we need to create capacity early in the day to reduce wait times for early ED (emergency department) arrivals and early PACU (post-anesthesia care unit) patients, but at what cost?  Is there really a need to get as many patients as possible out as early as possible, or is finding balance and staggering discharge times just as effective?  There’s a key factor to consider before putting pressure on precious hospital resources to discharge early –  Queuing Theory and the Utilization Curve.

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Patient Flow Weekly Top Three | Issue 14

Patient Flow Weekly | Industry Insights from TeleTracking
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Patient Flow Management Congress 2018

Groundbreaking Techniques for Optimizing Patient Flow Management through Effective Discharge Planning, Enhanced Patient Care/Satisfaction, Increased Profitability, and Efficient Hospital Wide Collaboration

TeleTracking is pleased to be the Platinum Sponsor for the Global Media Dynamics “Patient Flow Management Congress,” taking place on January 25-26 in Las Vegas.

This high-level forum will feature knowledgeable leaders and executives from hospitals and health systems who will share their perspectives, valuable insights and expertise on how to be best equipped for the rapidly evolving landscape of Patient Flow Management. Attendees will benefit from learning about best practices and strategies that have been deployed to address the challenges presented under the Affordable Care Act impacting hospitals and health systems in effectively managing patient flow.

Interested in attending? Use code JTT200 for $200 off registration!

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Successful Collaboration Under Pressure: What Healthcare Can Learn From Emergency Management

Hurricane’s Harvey, Irma and Maria; a 7.1 earthquake in Mexico City; and wildfires from Montana to Southern California – September 2017 has been marked by this series natural disasters, but also by amazing stories of survival, heroic acts, and resilience.  Readiness and preparedness activities were tested. Disaster plans were stretched beyond imagination. And human spirits were pushed farther than ever thought possible.

The lessons learned from these types of situations translate to healthcare.


Transforming Patient Access through Central Command

Join us Friday, November 17th in Nashville, TN, to learn how health system executives are achieving impressive gains in patient access, community relations, and system growth.
During this executive forum, Mercy Health, Freeman Health and University Hospitals Health System will discuss their innovative operational Command Centers which provide system-wide visibility. In addition, you will learn what patient flow elements are key to driving patient outcomes, how to overcome organizational obstacles, and what returns on investment you can expect.

This is an intimate, interactive forum, and seats are limited.

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Patient Flow Weekly Top Three | Issue 4

Patient Flow Weekly | Industry Insights from TeleTracking
Each week, we highlight the top three stories from our current Patient Flow Weekly Issue.  Subscribe today!

Patient Flow Weekly | Top Three | Issue 4NMMC Transfer Center Coordinates Behind the Scenes

A small group of North Mississippi Medical Center staff members touch every patient admitted to hospital without ever being seen. » Continue reading

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