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Conversations about Optimizing Hospital Operations

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Patient Flow Weekly Top Three | Issue 10

Patient Flow Weekly | Industry Insights from TeleTracking
Each week, we highlight the top three stories from our current Patient Flow Weekly Issue.  Subscribe today!

Managing Patient Flow and Improving Efficiencies

Technology to track beds, equipment, staff and patients through a hospital has been used in the USA for years, with positive effect, and now there is growing interest in employing it in the NHS. » Continue reading

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Your Money or Your Life; 2015 Health Industry Trends

Your Money or Your LifePricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) recently made a chilling prediction about what’s in store for American healthcare consumers.

In a report on the top trends shaping the health industry in 2015, PwC’s Health Research Institute (HRI) suggests that new strategies to curtail rising costs will require patients to make “more of a conscious decision” about whether they really need certain specialty medications.  In other words, it’s your money or your life.

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How to Get 40 Miles per Gallon from your Health System


There are about 800,000 beds in the U.S. Healthcare System – 350,000 of which TeleTracking manages.

Let’s say on average over a score of medical professionals attend to each of those beds every day.

Let’s also say that you have no way of knowing the status of each bed, or the location of the attending staff at any given moment.  In fact, you can’t know any of that information for hours. » Continue reading

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Teaching Efficiency to Tomorrow’s Health Professionals

Teaching Efficiency to Tomorrow's Health ProfessionalsTo shift the healthcare paradigm in America, follow the money.

To illustrate that, Medical Educator, Dr. David Nash, recently pointed to five medical schools in Philadelphia.

“Those five medical schools aren’t focused on the health of populations,” Nash said recently in an August 15, 2014 Forbes article – ‘Health Reform as Simple as Changing Incentives.  David Nash, MD, MBA is the founding dean of Thomas Jefferson University’s School of Population Health. » Continue reading

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Value Model Forces New Role on Healthcare Technology

New Model Challenges Efficiency vs. Effectiveness?As the health care industry shifts its focus to population health, will technological innovation take the lead or follow?

Historically, it seems healthcare technology often led the way, even if it included a hefty price tag. New innovations with potential benefits could be adopted as long as costs could be billed and passed on to payers.

In contrast, today’s technical innovations need to deliver care of equal or better quality at a lower cost. Unfortunately, that won’t be the case under new economic models that require providers to balance quality care with fixed payments based on a given population.

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Looking for Healthcare Efficiency in all the Wrong Places

Looking for healthcare efficiency in all the wrong placesIt’s pretty hard to fix a problem if you can’t define it.

Take healthcare efficiency for example.

Some years ago, a national conference was convened to reach agreement on what efficiency means in healthcare. The gathering was co-sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and the Employer Health Care Alliance (The Alliance).*

Their conclusions:

“We have no definition of ‘true’ efficiency.”

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20 Assessment Questions For Optimizing Hospital Efficiency

Hospital Efficiency ChecklilstGetting the most out of what your hospital has now: 20 Questions to Assess Your Hospital’s Operational Efficiency

How do you know if you’re getting the most out of the resources you have?

Here’s a hint.

Unless you utilize a real-time capacity management solution, you probably aren’t.

Over 800 of the nation’s hospitals have fine tuned their operational efficiency through automation, and many of those are ranked as top hospitals in the latest surveys by U.S. News & World Report, Thomson Reuters, or Becker’s or are honored with Magnet designation or Malcolm Baldridge recognition. These hospitals are getting the most out of their existing space, realizing higher performance efficiency, cost savings and revenue production.

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