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Conversations about Optimizing Hospital Operations

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Patient Flow Weekly Top Three | Issue 11

Patient Flow Weekly | Industry Insights from TeleTracking
Each week, we highlight the top three stories from our current Patient Flow Weekly Issue.  Subscribe today!

TeleCon17: 17 Reasons Why You Need to be there!

Are you a client considering ways to improve access to care, patient throughput, discharge efficiency, perioperative performance or system analytics?

Furthermore, are you ready to take the next step in your patient flow journey?  Interested in learning more about building a comprehensive operational command center?  Wondering what TeleTracking’s product roadmap looks like?  » Continue reading

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Patient Flow Weekly Top Three | Issue 10

Patient Flow Weekly | Industry Insights from TeleTracking
Each week, we highlight the top three stories from our current Patient Flow Weekly Issue.  Subscribe today!

Managing Patient Flow and Improving Efficiencies

Technology to track beds, equipment, staff and patients through a hospital has been used in the USA for years, with positive effect, and now there is growing interest in employing it in the NHS. » Continue reading

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EHRs, Interoperability & Workflow

TeleTracking President, Michael Gallup
TeleTracking President, Michael Gallup

Electronic Health Records (EHRs), interoperability and workflow – these three topics are generating a lot of discussion at hospitals and health systems across the United States.  TeleTracking’s President Michael Gallup recently shared his thoughts on the subject with John Oncea of Health IT Outcomes in a piece published on June 16, 2016.

  • On providers that are having an EHR hangover after buying a solution that’s not exactly right for their needs … “The pressure was intense to quickly find an EHR vendor because of the money involved. The irony is the rush only really secured seed money and the bulk of the cost to implement an EHR was/is on the shoulders of the provider, including the burden of managing the interoperability of their technologies. In situations like that, it is understandable that health systems would want to extract as much functionality as possible out of their EHR. While combining the functionality of disparate systems often seems logical, it doesn’t come without tradeoffs — including domain expertise and role-based functionality that is exclusive to each vendor. The onus is on us as vendors to make the exchange and interfacing of data as seamless as possible.”

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Operational Inefficiency Can Be Fixed

Carilion Clinic Transfer & Communications Center
Carilion Clinic Transfer & Communications Center

Every day thousands of very sick Americans are turned away from the care they need – despite the fact that thousands of hospital beds lay empty.  It is called “dead bed” syndrome and it occurs when hospitals that do not track bed availability in real time think they are out of room – when the situation is quite the contrary.

There is no way of knowing just how many bed-hours are wasted each day across the country.  We do, however, know that this particular issue is the tip of a much bigger iceberg of waste, which contributes mightily to the dizzying upward spiral of healthcare costs. » Continue reading

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Making Interoperability a Commonplace

Hospital ConnectivityNo matter what your involvement is in healthcare, you know that the ultimate responsibility is to the patient.

That includes every organization that supplies products and services to the industry, as well as those who actually deliver care.

So it’s encouraging to note that TeleTracking and Epic Systems Corporation recently affirmed their commitment to healthcare interoperability and put to rest speculation that cross platform support would no longer be available to customers of either or both organizations. » Continue reading

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Hospital Execs Losing Enthusiasm for EHR Systems

Hospital Execs Losing Enthusiasm for EHR SystemsHospitals continue to spend millions on the implementation of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. Despite this spending, a recent survey suggests that many hospital executives are frustrated with the performance of EHRs.

Premier, Inc., the 3,000-hospital purchasing alliance based in Charlotte, NC, released survey results which show that 41% of C-Suite respondents say they are either dissatisfied or indifferent toward their EHR system. The survey cites cost, difficulty of use and lack of integration as the main issues.

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Why Involve Nurses in Healthcare IT Development?

involve-nurses-healthcare-itIf you want people to use your technology, involve them in the development and implementation process. That holds especially true for nurses and healthcare IT.

TeleTracking learned that early on, but according to an article in the November, 2013 issue of Nursing Times, titled “Involving Nurses in Developing New Technology“, not every company is doing this.

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Is It Time to Orchestrate™ the Operating Room?

Orchestrate-Operating-Room (250x142)What is the value of time worth in healthcare?  Have you ever considered the value that comes from better use of time in the operating room?

For the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, it meant 30 percent more surgical cases in one year.

For Abbott Northwestern, it was 5000 more surgeries.

For Cleveland Clinic, it means the ORs now function at nearly 90 percent year round.

All of this was accomplished without adding additional operating rooms or staff.

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Patient Care Satisfaction: How Does Your Hospital Rate?

be-good-to-patientsModern communication technology is truly changing patients into customers. An irritated patient who’s been waiting “too long” in your emergency room can now pass the time by criticizing your hospital on one of several health and patient care satisfaction rating websites.

The criticism may not always be fair or accurate, but perception is the personal reality of each patient who comes to your hospital facility for care, and it’s playing a bigger role than ever before in the success of your enterprise.

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Time to Tune Up Your Hospital’s Financial Engine?

Tune-up-hospital-financial-engineIf you owned a Ferrari, wouldn’t you keep the engine tuned?

How about if you ran a hospital? Would you keep the Operating Room tuned? After all, almost two thirds of your annual revenue comes from medical procedures, like the OR, the cath lab, etc.

Yet many procedure areas, including the OR, aren’t working to capacity. It has nothing to do with the efficiency of the procedure itself. And it’s not just a problem of better scheduling. Schedules, after all, are static documents which project hoped-for goals into the future. It takes more than that to actually keep procedures on schedule. It has to do with patient throughput and that means more than getting the patient in and out of the room.

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