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Conversations about Optimizing Hospital Operations

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The Logic(al) Evolution of Computer Logic in Healthcare

Evolution-of-Computer-logic-in-healthcare (190x250)For years, artificial intelligence (AI) has been slowly making its way into healthcare.

There are now computer applications that analyze symptoms at lightning speed, providing a prioritized list of probable ailments that help doctors make patient diagnoses. AI-enabled programs also help clinicians read diagnostic images and in some cases analyze those images for the doctor.

Yet another role for AI involves the automation of processes that make care delivery possible.

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Hospitals Taking Cues from Disney for Hospital Patient Satisfaction

Hospitals-Disney-Customer-Satisfaction-Cues (250x161)With the Affordable Care Act tying Medicare reimbursement to hospital patient satisfaction, hospitals have been turning to customer service leaders like the Disney Company for advice on how to please their patients.

According to an article in the New York Times titled, ‘In Customer Service Consulting Disney’s Small World Is Growing‘, the company has even started its own consulting arm, called the Disney Institute, to assist businesses in improving customer satisfaction.  The article notes that Florida Hospital, a 22-campus chain, now employs “a ukulele-playing greeter dressed in safari gear” and exhibits “calming video art” in various locations.

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Growth Versus Cost: Two Horns of the Healthcare Dilemma

two-horns-of-healthcare-dilemmaHealthcare alone represented 10 percent of all new jobs created last month. In the current economy, one would think that’s a good thing.  However, writing in the New York Times Healthcare blog this month, author Lisa Suennen identified that fact as one horn of a big healthcare dilemma.

She observed that while the constant creation of new healthcare jobs is vital to our economic recovery, spiraling healthcare costs are cited as a key factor in the potential collapse of our economy.

“In his NEJM article,” she writes, “Bob Kocher cites a McKinsey Global Institute study that says that for the United States to return to full employment, as many as 22.5 million jobs would need to be created, with 5.2 million, or 23%, in the health care sector.”

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What Will 2014 Bring for Healthcare?

what-will-2014-bring-for-healthcareThe rush is on to prepare for the next phase of the Affordable Care Act.

One of the biggest questions is whether health insurance exchanges (HIX), or “marketplaces,” will be ready to sell their policies by the mandated date of October 1st of this year.  If they are, they will extend coverage to a first wave of nine million newly insured Americans beginning Jan. 1st, 2014.

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Patient Care Satisfaction: How Does Your Hospital Rate?

be-good-to-patientsModern communication technology is truly changing patients into customers. An irritated patient who’s been waiting “too long” in your emergency room can now pass the time by criticizing your hospital on one of several health and patient care satisfaction rating websites.

The criticism may not always be fair or accurate, but perception is the personal reality of each patient who comes to your hospital facility for care, and it’s playing a bigger role than ever before in the success of your enterprise.

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Hospitals in “Digital Dark Ages?” – USA Today

 Hospitals-in-digital-dark-agesA recent article in USA Today titled Hospitals lose $8.3 billion using old technology said doctors and hospitals are “in the digital dark ages” when it comes to Internet and mobile technology. Author Byron Achohido based that assessment on a study done by Ponemon Institute and sponsored by tech security firm Imprivata.

According to the study, because of this hospitals lose over $3 billion a year just in wasted time involving the discharge process. The cause is the continued use of “clunky communications systems as part of the process”.

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Have Trouble Keeping Nurses? Give Them Some TLC

6863338518_55af5b11a2_mIf your hospital is having problems with nursing turnover, consider this:

Half of all employees who aren’t involved in decision making, aren’t satisfied with advancement, don’t have flexible work schedules, or aren’t compensated with money or other non-monetary awards said they intended to look for a new job the next year.

That’s from a survey by the American Psychological Association (APA), covering workers from all business sectors.

The research said 93 percent of those who felted valued at work were motivated to do better, while only a third of those who did not feel valued felt motivated.

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From Silos to Organizational Transparency for Operational Efficiency

blog snippet-resized-600If you’re ready to master operational efficiency in your hospital, you will enjoy these highlights from “From Silos to Organizational Transparency“, the first of 7 webinars in the mastering operational efficiencies series from TeleTracking.

In this 30-minute webinar presentation, TeleTracking’s Maria Romano outlined five simple ways hospitals can break down silos and move towards organizational transparency:

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Happy Nurses Mean Better Patient Care, Fewer Readmissions

happy-nurseHappy nurses = 10 % fewer readmissions.

That’s from a study in the January 2013 issue of Medical Care.

And it’s all based on work environment, according to researchers from the University of Pennsylvania.

The Penn researchers looked at data from more than 200,000 nurses and 412 hospitals in California, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They found improvements in how hospitals organize and deliver nursing services could lead to lower overall readmissions.

The research considered 30-Day readmissions among Medicare patients with Heart Failure, Acute Myocardial Infarction, and Pneumonia.

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Geisinger’s Dr. Jonathan Darer Discusses Future of Healthcare

Dr. Jonathan DarerDoes an organization’s culture get more deeply entrenched the more complex the organization becomes.

Maybe, but it still can be changed, based upon the work of Dr. Jonathan Darer, chief innovation officer at TeleTracking client Geisinger Health System.

Dr. Darer’s work involves closing the “care gaps” between what patients are getting and what they need. The work speaks for itself.

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Categories: Author: Dennis Morabito, Future of Healthcare