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Conversations about Optimizing Hospital Operations

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When “Uneventful” Means Fantastic in Healthcare!

uneventful-in-healthcare-at-comanche-county-hospitalTeleTracking frequently gives prospective healthcare clients the names of contacts at “reference sites” — existing client hospital facilities willing to share their TeleTracking experience.

Thus, the implementation team at Comanche County (Oklahoma) Memorial Hospital was merely performing its due diligence when it received positive feedback from two of TeleTracking’s reference sites about TeleTracking.

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Disaster Preparedness: Is Your Hospital Ready For Mass Casualty and Weather Incidents?

hospital-emergency-preparednessHospital preparedness for public health emergencies was the topic of conversation for the final session of our webinar series entitled: “7 Ways to Master Operational Efficiencies in Your Hospital” hosted by Maria Romano, Clinical Product Consultant at TeleTracking.

The webinar began with a look back on the shootings at the Century Movie Theater in Aurora, CO. on Friday, July 20, 2012 at 12:38 AM, a mass casualty incident which led to a surprise and sudden increase in patient volume for the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Center.

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The Role of Hospital Automation for Disaster Preparedness

Hospital-preparedness-emergenciesIn an April 18th blog article last week saluting the incredible work of Boston’s healthcare workers and first responders, Fierce Healthcare’s Alicia Caramenico said the Boston Marathon bombings “not only reinforced the importance of testing” emergency plans, but that “sometimes hospitals will need more than just a plan.” We agree, but not exactly for the same reasons. Ms. Caramenico was making the point that no plan is worth the paper it’s written upon if people don’t follow through with “instincts and ingrained desire to help people.” In that and so many other regards, Boston’s “finest” responded with flying colors – Red, White and Blue to be precise. But even the best plans, instincts and ingrained desire may not be enough to make sure victims of natural and made-made disasters get the care they need when they need it. » Continue reading

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From Silos to Organizational Transparency for Operational Efficiency

blog snippet-resized-600If you’re ready to master operational efficiency in your hospital, you will enjoy these highlights from “From Silos to Organizational Transparency“, the first of 7 webinars in the mastering operational efficiencies series from TeleTracking.

In this 30-minute webinar presentation, TeleTracking’s Maria Romano outlined five simple ways hospitals can break down silos and move towards organizational transparency:

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Will Hospital Automation Be the Answer To Increased Demand From ACA?

Maureen Bisognana, CEOIn healthcare, you can have high quality, high demand, or high reimbursement, or any combination of two out of three.
But it’s awfully hard to have all three. Now consider the fact that reimbursements are going to go down under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and demand is going to go up in the form of 30 million newly insured, plus 70 million retiring “Baby Boomers.”

So what happens to quality?

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Was Your Hospital Software “Installed” or “Implemented”?

Installed vs. ImplementedIt may seem like semantics, but if you think “installed” and “implemented” hospital software are essentially the same, you could be heading for disaster.

Understanding their correct definitions can save you a lot of headaches – with your hospital software vendor as well as your boss.

There are many ways to describe the difference, but the simplest is this:

  • Installation gets the item working.
  • Implementation gets it working for your hospital’s needs.

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