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Conversations about Optimizing Hospital Operations

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To Care for the Poor, Redesign Your Hospital Workflow

How to Help the PoorCaring for the poor will severly tax your profitability unless you redesign your hospital patient workflow and processes.  According to healthcare futurist Joe Flower, “many health care organizations will not survive the waves of newly insured, underinsured and Medicaid beneficiaries” without changing their basic business model.

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C-Suite, Add Hospital Revenue With Real Time Capacity Management!

C-Suites want real time capacity managementReal Time Capacity Management adds revenue right now.

With budget and staff cutbacks reaching the point of diminishing returns, hospital CEOs are counting on information technology to play a bigger role in keeping their facilities solvent.

This is putting a new form of pressure on the CIO to seek out the kind of technology which can have an immediate impact on the bottom line.

But how do you do that after spending millions on electronic medical records? No one can argue that EMRs aren’t important for a hospital’s mission.  Yet EMRs do very little to drive margin. And, without margin there can be no mission.

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Healthcare IT Vendors: Make the Hospital’s Mission Your Mission!

Cost, Quality, AccessHealthcare has been compared to a three-legged stool. One of the legs is “Cost.” Another is “Quality.” The third is “Access.”

Most three-legged stool analogies end with “you can have two, but you can’t have all three.”

We don’t see it that way, because everything TeleTracking makes or does, in fact, addresses all three.

Our Real-Time Capacity Management™ platform:

•    Reduces cost and adds revenue by increasing the operational efficiency of a hospital.

•    Provides better access by increasing the utilization of existing space 20 percent or more.

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Hospital Fiscal Responsibility in Mission Statements: Does It Belong?

HealthLeaders MagazineA Sample of Hospital Mission Statements –Does Fiscal Responsibility Belong?

As a follow up to our No Margin, No Mission post, I thought I’d explore
 hospital mission statements to investigate how they balance margin and mission. I expected (and found) most led with a commitment to providing excellent physical, emotional and spiritual care, but was surprised to identify that many go on to make mention of “responsible use of resources” in some way.  Certainly, mission and margin are top of mind in many hospitals across the country.

Consider these interesting examples:

… mission is to provide quality health services for the community …  consistent with the best service we can give at the highest value for all concerned.

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No Margin, No Mission: Flying Nuns and Sister Irene Kraus

Flying NunFlying Nuns Defined Mission; Sister Irene Defined Margin.

They wore winged habits that were the inspiration for the TV series “The Flying Nun”. They were known as the Daughters of Charity.  Founded in 1633, their mission was to care for the sick, aged, infirm and poor.  For more than four centuries, their mission remained essentially the same.  Then a spirited American girl came along to add something new.

It was called “Margin.”

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