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Conversations about Optimizing Hospital Operations

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Streamlining Care for Perioperative Areas & Outpatient Clinics

Clinical Workflow Suite: Two Stories of Streamlining Care within High Volume and High Contribution Areas of a Health System

Improving patient throughput in surgical suites, ambulatory surgery centers, and clinics. Ensuring care is delivered in a timely, high-quality, compassionate way to patients and their families.   Using data for patient care to drive a culture of continuous process improvement and positive outcomes.

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Inpatient lessons lead to successful outpatient initiatives

Infusion CtrSurgery used to mean staying at least one night in the hospital.  Not anymore.  Today, 60-70% of all surgeries are performed in an ambulatory setting, and the number of other outpatient services is growing by 14% annually.  These outpatient services now include everything from ambulatory surgeries, endoscopies, interventional radiology, orthopedics, cancer / infusion and diagnostic imaging.

What is the same though, whether services are provided inpatient or outpatient, is the need for care coordination, efficient operational flow, and a positive patient experience.  As health systems are embracing the shift towards ambulatory care, TeleTracking’s Orchestrate™ solution provides a necessary tool to support and enable these services. » Continue reading

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Ambulatory Care – The New Frontier of Quality & Safety

TeleTracking_OutpatientTeleTracking’s three-part Joint Commission webinar series, presented by Ann Scott Blouin, the Commission’s executive vice president, customer relations, wrapped up with the topic, “An Emerging Arena for Quality & Safety Issues: The Growth of Ambulatory Care”, featuring information from The Joint Commission’s perspective and experience, along with ambulatory industry knowledge.

Download the webinar recording and slide deck.

Geographically diverse. Different reporting structures. The topic of ambulatory care, and the quality and safety implications, is particularly relevant as more and more work is done outside the four walls of a traditional hospital. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that the number of visits to physician offices, hospital outpatient facilities and emergency departments totals 1.2 billion1. Today, the Ambulatory Health Care program at The Joint Commission accredits over 2,1002 organizations in a variety of settings.

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