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Conversations about Optimizing Hospital Operations

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Operational Command Centers Improve Patient Access

Carilion Clinic Command Center
Carilion Clinic Command Center

Most complex organisms have a “central nervous system” that commands and controls the corpus.   So do complex organizations.

Can you imagine a moon shot without Houston Control?  How about the U.S.S. Enterprise (the Star Trek version) without a flight deck?

Health Systems are arguably the most complex organizations devised by mankind, yet have functioned without a central command since their inception.

Next month in Boston, hospital executives from around the country will learn how Operational Command Centers are improving access and revenue by revolutionizing patient care delivery.

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A Growing Trend: Centralized Referral Management

Elderly PatientHealth systems are facing major challenges – from limited revenue growth and capacity issues, to patient acquisition /retention problems and inefficient admission and transfer processes.  The result – a fragmented approach to care in the community and a disjointed, and sometimes negative, patient experience.

Community physicians are aware of the challenges created by a fragmented system and the impact of those challenges on the  quality of care.  Specifically, they are concerned about losing visibility of their patients after they’re readmitted to the hospital and not being notified when their patients are discharged.

That’s why centralized referral management is garnering so much attention.  And for good reason.

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Patient Discharges – a Stumbling Block to Patient Access

TeleTracking_Patient AccessThe biggest obstacle to hospital access may be the back door.

People who work in hospitals know that the discharge process can be a stumbling block to patient access because it takes time and a lot of staff / patient interaction.  The impact though goes far beyond getting a patient discharged.

Often it takes hours for word to get around that a bed is vacant and is available for a patient who is probably waiting in the emergency room.  That’s because that information typically comes from the hospitals Admission Discharge Transfer (ADT) system, which is not real time.

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