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Conversations about Optimizing Hospital Operations

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Patient Flow Software Plays Critical Role in Aurora Mass Shootings

Patient Flow Software in Aurora, CO Mass ShootingHow the University of Colorado Hospital used patient flow automation to get the right treatment at the right time for the Aurora shooting victims.

Shortly after midnight, the first dispatch went out:

“Have a party shot here. I need rescue hot.”

Then another:

“Engine 8, we may have a second victim.”

Then a crescendo of calls:

“People who are shot are running out of the theaters.”

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Improving Patient Flow to Help More Sick Kids: Children’s of Atlanta

Children's Hospital of AtlantaNothing is more compelling to the human psyche than a sick child in need of care.
That’s what drives medical professionals into pediatric care. And that’s also what drove Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to improve patient flow and implement a TeleTracking TransferCenter™.

As the single largest pediatric care provider in the Nation, CHOA was being overwhelmed by demand from a huge service area and from around the World.

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TeleTracking Clients Meet to Measure Hospital Efficiency

Client Conference 2012How do you know your hospital efficiency improvement projects are really improving anything?

When it comes to operational improvements, most U.S. hospitals don’t have a consistent way of knowing. But one in four can point to hard facts. They’re the hospitals who have committed to software automation to manage their capacity, reduce overcrowding and improve operational workflow. They’re the ones who make use of that automation’s key benefit – the real-time information output that it provides, a data stream you can dip into anywhere, anytime – to see how their hospital efficiency initiatives are really working.

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TeleTracking Salutes Super Nurse David Pawlikowski

David Pawlikowski, RNMeet Super RN David Pawlikowski, for whom Life is a Beach in this photo!

Many of us don’t really have a sense of what “vulnerable” means until we spend time as a hospital patient.

For those with serious issues, such as intensive care patients, there can be a sense that things are happening around you and to you, but not actually with you.

That’s when it’s gratifying to have someone like David Pawlikowskion your side.

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Graphically Representing the Hospital Patient Throughput Continuum

Continuum of CareToday’s post is a graphical representation of my view of the patient throughput continuum and the factors that impact hospital resource use and allocation. I title it “Factors for Efficiency in Hospital Resource Use and Allocation.

The top line call out boxes show demand and capacity indicators while the bottom shows the mechanisms that impact these goals.

More specifically, hospital resource demand indicators include factors such as:

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A Patient Flow Checklist for Nurses

Patient Flow ChecklistNurses can’t control the number of beds in their hospital or the number of patients seeking access on any given day. But they can do a number of things to improve bed availability and reduce length of stay. Here’s our patient flow checklist for nurses.

Advocate for proper patient placement including participation in multi-disciplinary rounds to understand patient needs and contribute vital patient assessment information.

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The Nurse as “Knowledge Worker” with Mobile Access for Patient Care

Mobile Access for NursesNearly three-quarters of nurses use smart phones on the job, according to a recent study by healthcare publisher Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

The same study found that 66 percent of nursing students use smart phones in nursing school.

Recognizing the mobile trend early, TeleTracking has been offering hand-held PDAs for years so nurses can access its patient flow software from anywhere in the hospital. Now we offer apps for other mobile appliances.

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TeleTracking Salutes Super Nurse Jaclyn Hunter

Jaclyn Hunter, RNFaster than a speeding bullet” certainly fits. So does “more powerful than a locomotive.”

But even Super Nurse Jaclyn Hunter can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound. She still has to take the elevator. 

Jaclyn was the first nurse to send us a photo of her wearing one of our Super RN T-Shirts, which were given away in honor of Nurses Week. And Jaclyn certainly qualifies as a Super RN. She’s a performance improvement nurse, which means that she works to ensure that quality and safe patient care is provided to every patient at Sierra Vista Regional Health Center in rural Arizona. 

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ED Hallway Boarding Victims and Hospital Infection

ED Hallway BoardingWe all knew hallway boarding was bad for patients. Now we know a little more about why. It has to do with hospital infection.

A study at Brigham and Women’s Hospital showed emergency room caregivers were least likely to practice good hand hygiene when tending to hallway patients. The study, which was the  largest ever focused on ED hand hygiene, supports studies in Ireland which said boarding was another way hospital infection was spread.

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Striving for Great Patient Flow Service and Products

Patient Flow ServicesIn patient flow, great products win business but great service keeps it.

At TeleTracking, the key measurement of how we’re doing is the number of clients we keep.

While we are very attentive to new business wins, annual growth numbers and the like, in our culture performance ultimately comes down to how many of our 850+ clients are with us at the start of a new year.

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