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Conversations about Optimizing Hospital Operations

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The Concept of ‘Time’ – now an Area of Focus in Healthcare

Emergency DepartmentMore than a decade ago, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) released a report called, Crossing the Quality Chasm, which identified six fundamental aims for healthcare – that it be safe, effective, patient-centered, efficient, equitable and timely.  While the first five objectives are easily understandable and have been studied extensively – the concept of time has only recently become an area of focus.  And yet the implications of time are significant because it impacts a patient’s experience if they are waiting in the ED for a bed; it impacts hospital operations if rooms and equipment aren’t accessible or staff members are being over or under-utilized; and it impacts the ability to use data to react to operational trends.

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The Value of Time

Eliminating healthcare wasteTime – no one ever seems to have enough of it.  And nowhere is that more true than in healthcare, where the pace is hectic, the atmosphere is chaotic and wasted time has implications.  Implications that range from emergency department overcrowding and anxious patients waiting in hallways for beds, operating rooms  not being maximized, patients being turned away because there’s no capacity, etc.

Yet with healthcare, unlike in other industries, time has never been part of the waste discussion.  In healthcare, waste is excessive administrative costs, unnecessary services, inefficient care delivery, inflated prices, fraud and  prevention failures.

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Your Money or Your Life; 2015 Health Industry Trends

Your Money or Your LifePricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) recently made a chilling prediction about what’s in store for American healthcare consumers.

In a report on the top trends shaping the health industry in 2015, PwC’s Health Research Institute (HRI) suggests that new strategies to curtail rising costs will require patients to make “more of a conscious decision” about whether they really need certain specialty medications.  In other words, it’s your money or your life.

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Cutting Healthcare Costs, Not Caregivers

Cutting Healthcare Costs, Not PeopleIt’s reported that Catholic Health Initiatives will lay off up to 1,500 employees by the end of January 2015. To read full story click here.  Unfortunately, payroll costs are the first target when operating margin is in the red.

But actually, that’s No. 1 on the list of how not to cut healthcare costs according to a pair of Harvard academics. » Continue reading

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How to Get 40 Miles per Gallon from your Health System


There are about 800,000 beds in the U.S. Healthcare System – 350,000 of which TeleTracking manages.

Let’s say on average over a score of medical professionals attend to each of those beds every day.

Let’s also say that you have no way of knowing the status of each bed, or the location of the attending staff at any given moment.  In fact, you can’t know any of that information for hours. » Continue reading

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